Aquaworld Compact RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit from Aquaworld

Aquaworld Compact RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit from Aquaworld
Aquaworld Compact RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit from Aquaworld Aquaworld Compact RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit from Aquaworld (click images to enlarge)

Aquaworld Compact RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit from Aquaworld

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Description of Aquaworld Compact RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit from Aquaworld

We are proud to recommend the fantastic Aquaworld Compact RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit.

R.O. Units are beneficial to your aquarium water and therefore your fish as they remove the harmful pollutants found in our water supply, the most commonly known are Chlorine, Chloramines, Nitrates, Phosphates, Heavy Metals and water hardness. R.O. systems can remove up to 99% of these contaminates. All types of fish and aquatics systems benefit from the use of R.O. water, not only soft water species such as Discus and Marine fish but all systems through the reduction of Phosphate and Nitrate levels, the single biggest cause of nuisance algae in any aquatic system. Within an R.O. Unit there is a tightly bound semi-permeable membrane. By applying osmotic pressure in the form of tapwater mains pressure to one side of this membrane pure water molecules are forced through, leaving the larger molecules such as Nitrates and Phosphates behind. This results a very pure source of soft water and a more concentrated waste water. R.O. water can in fact be too pure for the purpose of fish keeping; therefore it is important to recondition the water using a proprietary treatment. The Compact R.O. Unit consists of 3 sections, the central membrane chamber is flanked on both sides by a sediment filter and an activated carbon filter. The unit is also fitted with a flow regulator, this ensures that the quantities of permeate (usable water) and concentrate (waste water) are balanced and ensure the best conditions for the membrane. See diagram below. PERFORMANCE IN PRACTICE Approximately between 60-100 Litres in 24 hours at a room temperature of between 10 deg C and 25 deg C, at a pressure of 3-6 Bar. Higher temperature and pressure will result in a higher performance. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Max operating pressure 125psi (0.86 MPa) Max Feed Flow Rate 2gpm (0.45m3/hr) Max Operating Temperature 113 deg F (45 deg C) pH 3.0-10.0 Chlorine Concentration

Manufacturer Description

portable 3-stage Reverse Osmosis unit, with filters, delivery without conections, please by your size in your local store

Product Features

Max operating pressure 125psi (0.86 MPa)