Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml)

Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml)
Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) (click images to enlarge)

Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml)

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Description of Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml)

Dog Cancer Shop UK are currently presenting the extremeley popular Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) for a reduced price. Don't pass it by - buy the Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) here now!

Quistel's range of Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapies are perfect for providing optimum outer nutrition for animal skin, coat, hair, fur, mane and hair follicles. Quistel's Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapies should be used routinely to promote healthy skin and coat. Quistel's unique formulation organically disinfects and pro-actively stimulates the naturally restorative resources of the skin partially through the dilation of the subcutaneous capillaries. All the products in Quistel's Organic Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range are made from a unique blend of centrifugally extracted essences of 18 of our own organically grown herbs. The main pro-active ingredient is Arnica Montana. Arnica Montana has been used for centuries to treat external bruising, sprains and skin disorders in humans. Today humans are routinely prescribed Arnica Montana in various forms to reduce the swelling and bruising and aid promote healing following major plastic surgery. It is no wonder that more and more Veterinarians and other Pet Professionals recommend regular use of the Quistel Grooming Therapy products. All Quistel Grooming Therapy products have been specifically formulated for use with domestic and semi-domestic pets, horses and ponies, are designed to maintain and enhance the natural integrity of the coat and skin to meet the exacting standards of champions, always organically disinfect and leave the coat naturally lustrous, gleaming and clean - the skin naturally soothed and calm. In addition the Quistel Bio-restoring Grooming Therapy range is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, free from artificial foaming agents (so produces few suds), synthetic preservatives, dyes and perfumes. There are detailed Instructions for Use are on all containers. And you should note that Quistel products are safe to use under The Kennel Club Guidelines and that should any worrying symptoms persist a properly qualified Veterinary Practitioner should be consulted.

Manufacturer Description

Quistel shampoo is an organic shampoo formulated to help to maintain a healthy skin and coat in a natural way. Quistel will disinfect the skin, stop excessive flaking and is a very effective remedy for itching and other irritations. It will also stimulate re-growth of the coat on bald spots and give your pet a thick, voluminous, healthy and shiny coat.

Product Features

Organically disinfects, cleans and maintains a healthy skin and coat naturally Aids the elimination of chronic irritation and itching as well as other common skin ailments Assists your dog in resisting dry flaking and dandruff and the resulting tangles Actively promotes natural skin and coat rejuvenation on bald or hot spots Entirely made from Quistel's unique blend of 18 centrifugally extracted organic herbal essences

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